Psychological Thriller

30-something financial planner Gabriel’s life is shattered by the accidental drowning of his beautiful and athletic wife Chloe, sending him on a twists-and-turns descent into an even darker reality.

Adapted from the best-selling 2016 French novel, #1 on The Evening Standard’s “Top 8 Psychological Thrillers to Read this Autumn” list.


Dramatic BioPic

The many lives of Frank Lowy built a man who’d build an empire…but not before surviving the holocaust, a perilous sea journey, detention, deadly ground combat and a penniless arrival on a distant shore, half way around the world.

This is Frank Lowy’s dramatic journey, a tale of triumph out of the ashes of tragedy, driven by the sheer determination to stay alive, and by a true love that would guide him out of a terrifying darkness, to his ultimate reckoning. 

In partnership with StickFigure Studios. 

Inspired by the true events in the 2019 documentary feature film What Will Become of Us.


Romantic Comedy 

When the wives and girlfriends of a Byron Bay summer sixes football team all fall pregnant at the same time, it’s up to single teammate Mick to see them through their crazy transformations from partnership to parents…while trying desperately to navigate the minefield of his own romance with SANDRA, a girl who’s just not good at being loved.  

An outrageous romantic comedy for parents and parents to be…plus soccer!

Inspired by the true Australian story 

“One Got Past the Keeper” By the Fertile FC